Mobile Marketing Network specialized in ads in- Apps (android, iOS and HTML5).


What does Mobeleader offers?

We monetize your Apps!

Mobeleader is a mobile Ad Server to distribute and manage advertising campaigns through mobile applications.
We monetize your App traffic through advertising (integrating our Sps Library) or in a freemium model integrating a registration system in your Apps (through NickCenter Library).

Get your desired eCPM configuring tailored advertisement for you App...

Access to campaigns all over the world.
Manage the ads in your App and create your own campaigns.
Optimize the eCPM analyzing your traffic yield.
Follow up your profits with real time data.

Monetice your traffic with our freemium model offering your users to navigate without displaying advertising. :


Create your community data base.

Segment and qualify your users to know your App target.

Configure your spaces and campaigns

Our platform allows you to manage your App ad inventory:

Selecting campaigns and ad formats that you want to display in each space of your App.

Configuring the display frequency for each ad.

Creating your own ads.


Create and manage your own campaigns to promote your Apps and increase your downloads.

Exchange App inventory with other developers to reach out more users promoting your Apps in other Apps.


Freemium with NickCenter


Qualify, segment and monetize your app traffic through NickCenter, a library that allows you to integrate a registration system in your Apps quick and free.

The freemium model enables monetize the collected records and to reward registered users without visualize ads while they are surfering your Apps.

How to register in NickCenter?


Push Notifications

Reactivate and engage your users through push notifications.

Integrating Push Notifications Library will enable you to send notifications to your users instantly even if they are not using your App.

Our system provides you all you need to send intern or programmed notifications...forget external servers!

How to configure the push notifications?


Analyze your users

Our system will track and verify users behavioral according to the sectors and the kind of ads that users use to interact with, the Apps they have installed as well as the registration and the location data that we collect.
Our platform will enables to generate reports to deduce the users profiles that use your mobile applications.


Mobeleader Libraries

Sps Library

To integrate Mobeleader's advertising. Access different formats campaigns from around the world.
Test the adverts and request to pass your apps on to production.


Push Notifications

Manage your push notifications through our platform easy and free.


Module to integrate a registration system into your Apps and monetize them in a freemium way.


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